Mint GardenScapes

As the snails evolved throughout the short few weeks, the farmers have noticed that their gardens have begun to transform. Not only has the ground begun to move but a mysterious aura has begun to attract local wildlife from all corners of the ether-verse.

Land is the base for all creatures in the ether-verse, allowing exclusive access to Phase 3 and beyond.

Mint, Build, Breed, Protect, Attack and Expand on your land to obtain the most powerful garden in the EvoSnails universe.

How to Play Phase 2

1. Purchase boost for snails in the 24 hours leading up to each race

2. Watch action replays of each race every day

3. Claim your exclusive piece of Land once your snail wins!

Our Vision

We see NFTs as more than just a luck-of-the-draw lottery where one click determines the worth of your mint. Although each minter ultimately has an equal chance of pulling first-class rarity, this places the focus on the launch of the project.

Those that pull a rare win, those that don't sit back and hope the floor moves up.

With the rise of projects with increasing utility, concepts like gamification, fractionalisation and breeding - we found ourselves resonating with projects that allowed members of the community to engage in a project in more ways than simply opening up their wallets.

This allows for developers and project creators to provide rewards for engaged communities, even after launch.

This leads us to EvoSnails, taking inspiration from other projects to produce a collection that can reward individuals who place continued effort into their NFTs and engage with projects day-in and day-out.

The first concept was simple: Mint a snail, Stake a snail, Earn $LEAF, Spend $LEAF on Snail, Snail evolves (All On-Chain)

The second phase explored reducing gas expenditure and increased risk within the game as holders burnt $LEAF for a chance to win on-chain races

Phase 3 will increase in technical complexity from Phase 1 and 2. Moving to a Layer 2 network, allowing for exciting gameplay to take place without the need for excessive gas fees - as well as allowing eth-native NFTs to remain on Layer 1.
Get ready for pvp wars as you build, breed, protect and attack sacred GardenScapes to become one of the champions within the Evosnails Gardenverse.

As always, we will drip-feed our next plans through twitter and discord - stay tuned

The Team

Snail Worker

Snail Gardener

Snail Builder

Snail Farmer